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Differences between termites and Woodworm

 Sometimes, individuals rumor, could confuse Associate in Nursing attack of worm, with Associate in Nursing attack of termites. Error which will cause a series of errors on potential solutions. it's essential, do no wrong designation. the foremost judicious, is place within the hands of a specialist, however despite everything, square measure then reviewed a series of signs, which might be terribly helpful, to spot the plague
. The sounds made by termites isn't commonly sonic while not mistreatment technologies... instead the sound of the worm, If they're giant, they will be simply detected. At the start and finish of this video you'll be able to hear the sound of worm giant ingestion (listen to audio).

Symptoms within the wood
The woodworms, tend to reveal their harm with holes of adults. These holes, is wherever oftentimes new generations of worm expel their fecal matter (see photograph 1).

Subterranean termites don't exit holes. Of air or dry wood white ant (Kalotermes flavicollis), makes holes, wherever driven out its options \"balatas faceless\" (see image two ".Not to confuse the holes in white ant of air or dry wood with worm holes, ought to rigorously look into the feel of the muck. the little "fecal balls" of order. however its form is extremely feature (similar to a little grain of coffee). On the opposite hand the woodworms tend to go away a really fine wood.
Subterranean white ant galleries square measure organized within the sort of "combed" and stuck in an exceedingly quite "dry clay" waste (see photograph 3). 

Galleries of air or dry wood termites square measure terribly clean and full of their soiled pellets (see photograph 4). The woodworms typically stuffed its galleries of wood. the little worm wood texture could vary (sand however fine or however a species of small semolina). Instead the wood of the big, fine look worm, It may be gleaned in small muck within the sort of beans (see photograph 5).

The individual
Although termites (see photograph 6), they'll appear worms, being white, they need six legs, not however the brute of the caroms(view photograph 7) that is simply settled inside wood and formed

The worm tiny (see photograph 8), once it comes out of the wood (adult), has escarabajito form and also the giant worm (photo 9), of elongated with giant antennas beetle. but the 'output'

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Every Friday there are veggies!!!

Every Friday there are veggies!!! Everything is very tasty. Too much cabbage worm, but the absolute cleanest course. After an episode the preparation is ready. Each order will receive a packed pumpkin fruits to fry you. hihi. Those who arrive with food Mate then left to worry about having to use pesticides, drugs, chemicals or not what management release time. All the products are very safe. The mother would eat vegetables building then all know Sir. each week the children are only harvested once Sir. The mother quickly hands up ya Bunches * lamb: 50 k/kg. 

* Vegetable Recipes: 25 k/kg Duke (about 22-24 tops), after stripping to the longer 8 lang, 35 k/kg were stripped of it cabbage *: 12 k/kg * Conversion of residual East: 15 k/kg * green cauliflower: 12 k/15 k and the commuter ship Fee free ship with orders from 150 k upwards it address: D03 Detailed auction area of Hung-Ha BridgeDetailed, hung, HA Dong, Hanoi phone: 0977 730 891-0983 633 968 Food Mate would like to thank the support of our customers!

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Make angular cheilitis treatment

Make angular cheilitis treatment
The main reasons : malnutrition , infection , contacts , trauma
Angular cheilitis is known as " the mouth of evil", manifested as flushing the mouth , blisters , cuts , erosion , crusting , scaling, and other bleeding the patient's mouth , talked of the affected area . Angular cheilitis is a predisposing factor for the cold and dry climate , make the lips , chapped skin and mucous membranes around the mouth , around the bacteria take advantage of causing infection; chapped lips , people often will lick with his tongue , causing dry mouth, if the intake of the vitamin is reduced , causing the body lacks vitamin B , vitamin B deficiency can lead to the occurrence of angular cheilitis .
The cause of the disease

A mechanical factors

Position of the teeth is not natural , stacked pressures lower lip upper lip wrinkles mouth occurs , there is often lost in the mucosa.
( 2 ) nutritional deficiencies

Riboflavin deficiency may be associated with strawberry tongue and itchy scrotum. Excessive physical exertion or physical weakness, malnutrition , iron , protein and vitamin deficiencies inadequate supply , such as niacin , vitamin B6 , and others can cause disease.

3 infection
Make angular cheilitis treatment

Most pathogenic pyogenic cocci low toxicity or Candida albicans , more common in children . Certain skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis , seborrheic dermatitis ; drooling mouth infiltration ; biting a finger, pen biting can also cause this disease .

Make angular cheilitis treatment


Originally lips dry erythema , edema , exudate , crusting . When transferred to the local mucosa moist skin diseases , wounds , violent altercation outside a radioactive scales associated with wrinkles . If done by malnutrition , anemia, lack of riboflavin may be associated with the mouth, tongue and genital mucosal damage , such as glossy tongue , redness of the skin of the scrotum and the same symptoms. More bilateral symmetry , but also unilateral disease . Aware painful . Child malnutrition, and around the mouth can occur pustules and more with pyogenic bacterial infections . The disease can be divided into :

Make angular cheilitis treatment

1 Malnutrition angular cheilitis

Angular cheilitis malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies in vitamin B deficiency often occurs in vitamin B deficiency caused by angular cheilitis most common . Showed bilateral white wet spit , erosion or ulceration , with a transverse fissure , the worse of mouth , skin, mucous membranes or extended depth of perioral fissures , varying in length , the pain is not clear, mouth sores often stimulated. Often accompanied by dry mouth , cracked , scaly and sometimes , lips slightly swollen. Tongue, smooth, filiform papillae , edema, hypertrophy of the fungiform papillae are scattered , often scalloped tongue edge . Also often accompanied by cheilitis , glossitis .
2 cocci angular cheilitis

Angular cheilitis is caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae , Staphylococcus aureus infections caused by angular cheilitis . Common in elderly patients without teeth . Showed bilateral white wet spit , erosion or ulceration , with transverse cracks could worsen , bleeding , crusting .

Three angular cheilitis fungi

Angular cheilitis is caused by mold fungi (mainly Candida albicans ) infections caused by angular cheilitis . Showed bilateral spat wet white and white is more obvious , erosion or ulceration , with transverse cracks , there may be pus , bleeding , crusting , and erosion accompanied cheilitis lips . PAS staining of Candida hyphae .

Make angular cheilitis treatment


1 Malnutrition angular cheilitis

General should be given vitamin B2 , while oral vitamin B complex. Because niacin deficiency of vitamin B2 and B6 are often lacking. Strengthening local care , oral gentian violet is used locally available , to maintain cleanliness . Occlusal distance is too short to be required orthopedic repair .

2 cocci angular cheilitis
Treatment should be cleaned at the local level , the use of antibiotics ( such as erythromycin ) is applied , while the broad-spectrum oral antibiotics, penicillin V potassium tablets there , sulfa drugs , such as oral Spiramycin .

Three angular cheilitis fungi

Treatment should be topical nystatin cleaning solution , dried , and then nystatin partially coated , Clotrimazole , miconazole , and other

Make angular cheilitis treatment


1 Anti- baby " mean mouth " , focuses on educating children without favoritism and not picky eaters . First , to overcome the habit of a partial eclipse of the children , eat more foods that contain riboflavin -rich foods , vegetables and fruits , such as whole grains , beans , red beans , green beans , soy products , animal liver , milk , fish , jujube , carrot , large cabbage, tomatoes , spinach , cauliflower , squash , apples , bananas , pears and so on . In addition , pay attention to the extra vitamins ( especially B vitamins ) , minerals , dietary supplements , such as animal liver , meat , eggs , milk , soy , carrots , green leafy vegetables fresh. Meanwhile , we should drink plenty of water, to facilitate the rapid release of toxins from the body , allowing the body to maintain good condition ; attention to oral hygiene : a dessert after a meal to let the kids before bedtime Do not allow children to eat, do not drink milk, so do not leave food debris and bacteria in the oral cavity .

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Overnight oats for termites

Overnight oats for termitesTermites are pests being the quietest . World termites we will not feel that it would threaten your home. This time I will make the recipe oats for termites ,

Overnight oats for termites

Undoubtedly oats is to diet on to lose weight . But this recipe for the treatment of termites in your home . Termites also like to eat oats kinds of people too. They also like to switch to diet for their taste , The ways to make oatmeal recipe for termites . So simple and easy , kindergarten Children can do . Among the materials that are needed .Overnight oats for termites ! kg Oats Toxic powder that can be found in stores near you . Easy is not a quick recipe . After the material was prepared mix until smooth . Then sprinkle in a place with termite nests around your home . If termites eat oats recipe that he will die slowly in their hives. This is the most simple and effective recipe for termites . Treatment of the cheapest for you without issuing costs. Good luck

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Student results termite exterminator of pufferfish

Student results termite exterminator of pufferfish

Puffer fish known to have toxins that can paralyze a limb and just kill people in less than 30 minutes if not processed properly before eating.

But for a group of five students toxin found in puffer fish was used as the material to produce a termite exterminator .

The idea makes pufferfish as termite exterminator obtained after hearing the story of the villagers who work as fishermen often use fish poisons such as pest exterminator .

Often times, dried puffer fish will be hung on the wall and took out a kind of odor causing termites do not nest in the house.

To modernize the use of puffer fish , five students with lecturers monitored , resulting in pest exterminator is in powder form

According to the student, the exterminator of pufferfish was successfully produced within two weeks after the drying process before it is ground and placed in the house to see its effectiveness.

" We process four pieces and weighs 200 grams powder obtained which is used in the form of Corny weighing 50 grams.

"Every Corny was effective against the environment around an area of ​​one square foot when within four hours we met a lot of termites are dead, " he told the Innovation Competition here recently .

According to him, there are three methods that can be used to allow the powder termite exterminator was efficacious Corny powder should be suspended from the ceiling , scattered on the termites and planted in the sidewalk of the house.

Obviously, income termite poison that does not require any cost , but only need to have an adequate supply of puffer fish .

" If you live in coastal areas , there is a problem and the process of making the powder is also very easy and fast .

" So we believe that if the product is commercialized sure to appeal to consumers as an exterminator is sure to be sold at low prices and very efficient . Make the best of there ability to make actual

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Treatment from of natural resources.

Treatment from of natural resources.

Secrets of nature and natural no one will be able to disassemble.It is a natural resources.No chemicals and pesticides.Very easily available around you.We like to take the easy way in order to get.Only spend money to make self-care.
Treatment from of natural resources.
Helpful tips to practice

- Ants hate on cucumber.Put the cucumber skin near the hole or nest entrance.Can also park in areas where there are a lot of ants.
- Washing and polishing the mirror.Drink you most like sprites.Just wipe your windshield with a drink is not happy there is no need to buy a mirror polish.
- Disassembling the chewing gum stuck to football .Just input the affected shirts chewing gum in the fridge.Input for an hour
-To whiten white shirts .Soak a slice of lemon for 10 minutes.
- For hair looks radiant . Put 1 teaspoon vinegar  eat and brush your hair to each
Treatment from of natural resources.
- To avoid the smell of garbage in the kitchen. Put a piece of bread when we cook .
Treatment from of natural resources.
-- To augment leman juice . Login lemons in hot water for 1 hour
- If clothes are stained with ink . To get rid of . It is very easy to just rub the toothpaste on the affected area of the ink. And wait until the dry toothpaste is
- For too many menhindarkan mice in your home . Just sprinkle pepper powder around your home
-- Drink a glass or two glasses of water before going to bed it will reduce heart attacks by 90 % . So in the morning safe work.
Good luck

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Henna leaves are effective for the treatment of hair

Henna leaves are effective for the treatment of hair
It is rarely heard these leaves.It is even possible that reading never seen.If at the continental or cold climates it is difficult tree of life.Henna plant can only grow in hot countries and tropical climates.This is the category tree as tree planting flowers.Each house of the villagers in asia they many plant.

How do I make treatment the hair with henna leaves.If you to have gray hair and dandruff.Take a handful of henna leaves.Immediately wash first make sure there are no worms or dust.When the net was pounded until fine.pounded using a mortar stone.Make sure it is pulverized into such kinds of shrimp paste.Natural aroma fragrance penetrating up to the nostril.

Yes what grime directly into troubled your hair,This is the most inexpensive hair treatment.Traditional treatment of those long ago most very simple.Does not require a lot of money.If you can smear all of your hair.Let stand for 2 to 3 hours.

When it was time.Wash your hair wash and rinse several times.This treatment is not the slightest fear of chemicals on human.I believe you will see 10 years younger than actual age.So wait no longer try using henna leaves.



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