Monday, September 22, 2014

Queen of the best in dining

Queen of the best in dining
Queen termites
At  your home are sure there are anthill that house queen.That's where there is a very beautiful queen.Prices can go as high as USD800.That's the price for a queen termites.These insects also terrible price.Actually close to Asia , especially in Thailand is eating can make you so healthy and strong.

Actually I myself did not know that these things can reach up to USD800 per tail.But just as easily be able to just edge home only.Queen termites are many benefits if eaten.It can restore the energy , back pain , asthma , blood and warm launch.
Queen termites
Here I will explain how I want to detect termite queen.How come so easily find termite mounds in the area outside the house and leave the timber in the employees of contractors.

Identify hideaway queen termite or anthill.

Drill holes anthill using a chisel or spade.

Punch until you see the termite colony.Using a stick we will destroy our nest.Yes, now we have become a killer.But kill termites only not kill people.Nest queen termite hide is very to hard.Nest shaped like roses seem very pretty.Nest was cut with a chisel.In a hard nest there room in owner-occupied by the queen.In each nest only have a queen only.

This queen termite can I find with my friend.4 queen termite can be valuable usd3200.Four Termite anthill we  explored.If so what else can swallow two queen termite.Do not take over it would have a strong effect.Have to be reminded not too excited to try it out.Good luck with your dinner

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to kill termite queen

How to kill termite queen

Where there is fertile soil there are termites.Fertile soil is very soft and it is very easy  termite nest.It will feed the soil around easily.Termite bite is very painful but it can leave an impact on your limbs.Infestation is very difficult to remove.I wrote about how to eliminate termites in the most simple.\

How to kill termite queen

If you found a termite nests around the house you will not be let to persist because it will spread quickly.Why did it spread quickly because termites have very many cronies and easy to breed.Once you make sure the termites continue to grow mark the area with what can you remember the area.

In this section I will show how to effectively eliminate termites.Is the home environment you have furniture factory.We just need wood powder only.Why wood powder because termites devouring wood powder.Wood powder is favorite termite.Try to put the wood powder on termite nests with only one night out termites devouring powder.For the next looking for substances that poison the ants.Ant poison is not difficult to find.You can find the shop at a store that sells pesticides.
How to kill termite queen

Hoes termite nests and make a hole so glad we kill termites effectively.Before you hoe termite nest is sure you have wood powder mix with poison you buy.Safety should be kept.Do not mix blindly no wear gloves.You can also use any materials to mix.Enter the powder timber and call the poison directly into the container and mix well.And sprinkle on termite nests you make a hoe.And leave it overnight.You will see the expiration day tomorrow termites eat the delicious.

When termites eat wood powder that you mix with ant poison it will bring to the ground.The poison will be absorbed along with and feed the termite queens down there.The termite queen is the mother of all evil.Why the evil termite queen, because it is the mother who will give birth and termite eggs.You will see will slowly destroying termites in your home.
How to kill termite queen
I have been trying to secure a month.Exhausted all dead termites will died effects house destroyed by termites.You can repeat again do not be too shy if you want to keep the house Environmentally.Try to make yourself good luck.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sexy Thai girls@cooking termites for dinner

Sexy Thai girls for dinner.Termites is are very popular in Thailand.Is really  for back to basic food.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The secret world of termites

They shrink back from the daylight and a few species ar even blind - however the termites ar the foremostingenious architects of the planet . while not technical devices they build compared skyscrapers that ar twenty five times as high because the Empire State Building in big apple. Their nests ar subject field works of art with ventilation systems , breeding areas for the larvae , corridors for transportation, flora gardens for food, water wells or safety outputs from enemy attacks. Recent macro cinematography technical data concerning the community lifetime of these animals.
Termites inhabit all continents except Antarctica . one hundred fifty million years recent is that this species , and over this era of termites have developed a desirable structure that enables them to masterfully build earthworks , sand or tree nests. The "Universe " documentary " the key World of Termites " by Wolfgang Thaler shows that intelligent solutions have found these animals to become one amongst the foremost undefeatedspecies in biological process history : they're wonderful builders , excellent road builders , well organized harvesters and specially economical energy recycler .
In total , there ar concerning a pair of,500 differing types of termites round the globe . lasting were regardedsimply as pests and termites unsympathetic cousins ​​the ants - however with whom they're not even connected .

Termites ar polyose - economical recyclers . This creates in countries wherever wood homes ar customaryissueslike in several areas of North America . A white ant infestation of wood -bearing components of onefamily home will go unseen for years. The damages ar typically huge, destroying the termites , a separate line of business . in contrast to the termites within the rainforests of Borneo : They inhabit hollow tree trunks and havespecialised in nourishment transportation. Their transport routes ar meticulously guarded high-speed motorways . The traffic flows ar exactly outlined , and also the introduction of the " harvest " is fastidiously structured division of labor of the individual case.

The white ant mound be designed on the African savannah ar successively architects of the special category. Their eccentric fortresses feature a well thought out mechanical system that allowed the colony to formnutrient-rich fungous cultures .
Macro specialist Wolfgang Thaler has accepted the challenge and leads the TV audience within the innermost chamber of a white ant nest - the place wherever the queen ensures the survival of the colony. ne'er might hold , like living in an exceedingly white ant hill runs a camera , as a result of the building is open, the termites disappear within the large tunnel system of the nest . however Wolfgang Thaler must be amid 2knowledgeable white ant researchers to resolve the mystery of the key world of the termites 


Termites area unit typically known as the “silent destroyer” as a result of they'll be on the Q.T.concealment and thriving in your home or yard with none immediate signs of injury. All termites consume cellulose-based plant materials. sadly, all homes, despite their construction sortwill give polysaccharide food for insect infestation.

Termites area unit detritivores, or detritus feeders. They kill dead plants and trees also as dead elements of living trees, together with wood and wood within the soil. A termite’s mouth is capable of tearing items of woody material. This ability is what causes concern in human dwellings: whereas insect employees solely live someone cm to some millimeters long, their feeding habits area unit capable of inflicting pricey harm to property. House foundations, furniture, shelves and even books area unit all potential feeding sites for termites.

Subterranean insect homes area unit sometimes fashioned in soil. at intervals these mounds, termites build elaborate tunnel systems and dirt tunnels through that they access above-ground food sources. Drywood termites live at intervals the wood they consume and ofttimes infest walls and article of furniture.

When a colony has matured, winged, swarming termites will be seen around windows and doors. Winged termitesarea unit extremely interested in sources of sunshine and area unit most active in time of yearwhen sex, these termites find a brand new breeding web site and make another colony, spreading infestations throughout multiple locations within the case of drywood termites.

 What are you able to Do to assist defend Your Home?

Termites during a
Subterranean Colony
Since termites area unit a continuing threat to your home, here area unit some stuff you will do throughout the year to assist maintain the effectiveness of The Orkin Man’s white ant treatment arrange. tiny steps create a giant distinction in white ant hindrance and sustaining a good white ant treatment arrange. begin by eliminating wet conditions and white ant food around your home. These straightforward steps create your home a less enticing target, serving to deter termites.

Eliminate wet issues

Repair leaky taps, water pipes, and A/C units
Divert water from foundation
Keep gutters and downspouts clean
Remove excessive plant cowl and wood mulch
Get eliminate standing water on roof
Keep all vents clear and open

Tape entry points anywhere water and utility lines or pipes

Friday, November 15, 2013

Facts and Information Identification And Termites

Termites often called " The Destroyer " for possible silent - silent hide and thrive in your house or in the yard without any sign of visible signs of damage . Termites consume all vegetable ingredients Cellulose . Unfortunately , all the buildings - house , not regardless of what they eat , in other words building - home to give what they eat for life kelagsungan .

Termites eat the plants dead or dying trees along this part of the middle of the tree of life , mouth termite is a tool that is able to tear the wood . Ability is what causes us concern in humans . with a body length of only 1 cm they are very destructive dibangunan , eating habits they can cause costly damage at buildings / property exactly in the funiture , sills , ceiling gypsum , timber frame ceiling , wooden horse , wallpaper , even all that is derived from Cellulose their food .

In the Land Termites , Termite House formed in the ground , in nests / develop their termite mound complex systems such as tunnel from the rest of the food / soil , leading to food sources with distances up to 200 meters from the nest , termites live in the wood they consume is and walls can be as media access road that is not visible .

When termites reached certain maturity most certain they will grow wings and out of the frame , ceiling frame . Winged termites or moths often called very interested in ordinary light source is active at the current rain season . After hanging up her wings termites will enter the breeding season after they search for new breeding sites in order to establish a new colony . This method also followed by all kinds of termites . Because termites are threat - Remain Consistent . Rumenta reminded there are some small things you can do to avoid start to eliminate the moisture and keep the pieces of wood , cardboard / material derived from cellulose that has been unused from inside or around the building we

Sunday, November 10, 2013

African termites rich in protein

African termites, is termite black colored. It is very large. African termites have a high protein content. If it is still small african those termites eat this. That's the source of their protein. Termites have a large head and sharp sting you have to be careful.African Termite africa what any of it can fly into the sky. If you get lost in the woods eating termites it is not toxic and it is if you have the emergency source of protein in the woods. This picture african termites